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  • Leonid ZHR between 7h and 13h UT (Nov 18, 2001)
    Analysis of observations from Mt. Lemmon, AZ, show a ZHR of 400±100 around 7:30 UT rising to storm level of 1000 around 09:35±5min. A first distinct peak appears at 10:42±5min with ZHR 3800±100. A second peak appears around 11:02±5min with ZHR 4000±100. ZHR then drops to ~700±100 at the end of observations, between 12:30 and 12:55 UT.

    Remark: ZHR values were calculated with r=2.0 and gamma=1.0. ZHR values might differ from those calculate by IMO due to a smaller observation sample and individual observer perception coefficients. Observations were made from Mt. Lemmon Observing Facility (2871m).

    Papers published about Leonids 2001:
    Jure Atanackov, Javor Kac. Leonidi 2001 - Mt. Lemmon, Arizona. Spika 10-2 (2002): 60-3
    Jure Atanackov, Javor Kac, Jure Zakrajsek. Nebo nad Arizono. Spika 10-4 (2002): 185-8
    Jure Atanackov, Javor Kac. The Leonid 2001 observations by MBK Team from Arizona. WGN, Journal of the IMO 30-5 (2002): 157-63
    Rainer Arlt, Javor Kac, Vladimir Krumov, Andreas Buchmann, Jan Verbert. Bulletin 17 of the International Leonid Watch: First global analysis of the 2001 Leonid storms. WGN, Journal of the IMO 29-6 (2001): 187-94
    Javor Kac, Jure Atanackov, Jure Zakrajsek. MBK Team - Leonids 2001 expedition. Proceedings of the International Meteor Conference, September 26-29, 2002, Frombork, Poland (in press)

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