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International Meteor Conference

Bollmannsruh, Germany

September 18-21, 2003


A view from the mill in Sanssouci park in Potsdam.

Another view from the mill.

Javor Kac with the mill and the Moon.

A nice view of the park.

Arches in the frontyard.

Sanssouci palace.

A detailed view of the palace

Slovenian group in front of the palace.

A fountain in the park.

Palace from the distance.

Another view of the fountain and the palace.

Windmill with Stane Slavec in front.


Entrance hall of the botanic garden, also in the park.

Margaret Campbell-Brown (CAN) and Andreas Buchmann (SUI) photographed in their backs with Gelu filming them.

Group picture of the IMC 2003 participants.

Henry (NL), Casper (NL) and Shinji (JAP) waiting for the bus to arrive.

IMC participants entering the Museum of natural history in Berlin.

Brontosaurus in the museum.

Exhibition of meteorites in the museum.

Stane (SLO) and Chris (UK) with Adriana (ROM), Urska (SLO) and Dragana (NL) at the beach.

Cis (BEL) undressing and girls cheering him up.

Jean-Marc and Koen (both BEL) also came to the pier.

Soon Felix and Marc (both NL) joined also.

Casper with a high-tech mobile phone that does not want to send the photo...

Henry, Javor and Arnold during the coffee break (delicious cookies!).

Gelu and Andrei at the astropoetry performance.

All photos by Javor Kac

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