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International Meteor Conference

Frombork, Poland

September 26-29, 2002


Statue of Jan Hevelius in Gdansk

Croatian, French, Dutch, and Slovenian participants in front of the Golden gate of Gdansk

A view through the Gate

The main street of Gdansk

The well of Neptune

A ship in the harbour

Astronomical clock in the cathedral

Dunja and Javor at the Frombork railway station

Statue of Nicholaus Copernicus, the Frombork cathedral and towers of Copernicus and Radziejowski

A closer look at the statue and the towers

A nice view in the Frombork haven

Three Slovenians in front with the cathedral in the back

A beacon at the end of the pier

A nice view of the Vistula Bay

Slovenians with Ivan and Jeremie

A nice sunset

IMC participants in front of the planetarium/museum

Javor, Dunja and Stane in front of the Copernicus' tower

A group photo of the IMC participants

Pendulum of Foucault in the Radziejowski's tower

Stairway to the top of Radziejowski's tower

A view of the Frombork cathedral

A view of the Frombork cathedral

The haven of Frombork

Dunja and Javor with the Copernicus memorial tablet

The Frombork cathedral in dusk

Arnold, Jos, Javor and Casper

... joined by Jin and four Romanians

Valentin taking photos

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