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Participating parties:

  • Orion Astronomical Society (SI)
  • Crni Vrh Observatory (SI)
  • Rezman Observatory (SI)
  • Unione Astrofili Italiani Meteor Section (IT)
  • Astronomical Society Vidulini (HR)
  • Visnjan Observatory (HR)
      All-sky stations:
    1. Kostanjevec (SI) (operators: J. Kac and J. Dobaj),
    2. Crni Vrh Observatory (SI) (operator: H. Mikuz),
    3. Rezman Observatory (SI) (operator: R. Palcic),
    4. PIGRA (near Como) (operator: A. Latini),
    5. SCORZE' (near Venezia) (operator: E. Stomeo),
    6. VENEZIA LIDO (near Venezia) (operator: M. Eltri),
    7. Plavje (SI) (operator: P. Atanackov),
    8. Kobdilj observatory (SI) (operator: M. Mihelcic),
    9. Kanfanar (HR) (operators: N. Plejic and M. Tumpic, not yet operational),
    10. Tican (HR) (operator: K. Korlevic, not yet operational).

    Map showing currently operating all-sky cameras of the A3 Network (red circles). Yellow circle marks a planned all-sky camera location. Green circles denote existing European fireball network stations.

    Bright fireballs detected by the A3 Network

    Date and Time (UT)Zenithal
    Stations with links
    to images
    2007 November 17, 01:57:40-15mA3N-6(animation)
    Image by Mark Vornhusen
    from Gais (CH)

    Image by HMM meteor
    network of Croatia
    from Pula (HR)
    2007 August 06, 23:45:13-8mA3N-2, A3N-6
    2007 July 25, 23:50:40-6mA3N-2
    2007 July 23, 23:04:53-6mA3N-2
    2007 April 22, 23:11:25-6mA3N-2
    2006 October 15, 02:37:36-7mA3N-3
    2006 September 13, 02:53:12-10mA3N-2, A3N-3
    2006 July 01, 00:26:35-8mA3N-2, A3N-3
    2006 May 06, 01:40:??-10mA3N-2ETA
    2006 Apr 21, 23:21:10-8mA3N-3
    2006 Feb 03, 03:38:10-10mA3N-2
    2006 Feb 02, 19:47:25-11mA3N-2, A3N-3YES
    2006 Feb 01, 21:52:06-9mA3N-2
    2005 Nov 10, 01:43:21-6mA3N-2TAU
    2005 Oct 14, 00:37:03-6mA3N-2
    2005 Aug 10, 00:54:02-7mA3N-2PER
    2005 Aug 05, 21:45:07-8mA3N-2PER
    2005 Jul 04, 20:41:43-8mA3N-2spor
    2005 Jun 20, 00:37:53-8mA3N-2
    2005 Feb 06, 22:32:40-14mA3N-2YES

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