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Total Lunar eclipse

September 16, 1997

Preparations for the total Lunar eclipse of September 16, 1997 were especially troublesome. We could not get the telescope of Orion Astronomical Society from Maribor, the tool necessary for monitoring the eclipse. After several days the solution came - we borrowed a telescope from the Faculty of education at the University of Maribor.

Observers with the partially eclipsed Moon
in the background
Four members of Orion Astronomical Society led by Javor Kac drove to Smartno near the town of Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia from where we covered the eclipse visually and photographically.

Progression of the eclipse.
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Among other projects was our first attempt at a multiple exposure - we made 13 exposures of the Moon on a single frame in 630 second intervals. Between these exposures we also photographed with the telescope - we covered the total umbral eclipse with twenty exposures and the partial umbral phase with further thirty.

Circumstances of the Eclipse

Moon entered penumbra:  1997 sept 16  16:11:02
Moon entered umbra:     1997 sept 16  17:08:02
Start of totality:      1997 sept 16  18:15:20
Maximum eclipse:        1997 sept 16  18:46:38
End of totality:        1997 sept 16  19:17:55
Moon leaved umbra:      1997 sept 16  20:25:13
Moon leaved penumbra:   1997 sept 16  21:22:14

Umbral magnitude: 1.197

Duration of total phase: 1h 2m 34s
Duration of umbral phase: 3h 17m 10s

All photographs and text on this page are © 1997 by Javor Kac.

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All photos on this page are © Javor Kac 1997.

Primary focus of 20-cm f/10 SCT, Fuji 100 and Kodak 640 films:

17:23 UT, 1/8 s

18:08 UT, 0.5 seconds

18:14 UT, 5 seconds

18:17 UT, 6 seconds

18:37 UT, 8 seconds

19:17 UT, 4 seconds

19:27 UT, 1/2 s

20:07 UT, 1/500 s