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Total Lunar eclipse

September 27, 1996

On the evening of September 26 we worriedly watched the sky and guessed whether the threathening clouds will retreat in time and grant us unobstructed viewing of a total Lunar eclipse.

Three enthusiasts (Javor Kac, Davorin Zaloznik and Blaz Jemensek) departed from Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia at 21h pm towards Boc mountain and stopped on a ridge with an excellent view of the southern sky. After an hour of watching and begging we decided to move elsewhere. But where?! In Poljcane village we decided to call the national weather service where we recieved some advice to move towards the seaside. And so we did... ...it's only a 300km drive. We hit the first clearing in Savinjska dolina and we stopped soon after. After setting up the telescope the sky clouded over within minutes and so we decided to drive further west. It was only minutes before the beginning of the eclipse.

Finally we hit crystal clear skies at Trojane and made our stop right there. We set up the scope and began observing the eclipse visually and photographically.

We covered the total umbral eclipse with thirty exposures through the telescope and twenty through lenses. Saturn is clearly visible on the photos as it was only 2 degrees away from the Moon during the eclipse. We took a closer look at Saturn during totality but saw little detail due to bad seeing.

During mid-totality we also observed comet Tabur with binoculars. It was situated in Gemini and was at 6. magnitude. We also took exposures with the 200mm lens.

We observed the eclipse until 6 am when the Moon set behind distant trees. Although far from home, this was our first group observation of a total Lunar eclipse and it was a complete success.


Circumstances of the Eclipse
Moon entered penumbra:  1996 sept 27  00:12:24
Moon entered umbra:     1996 Sept 27  01:12:20
Start of totality:      1996 Sept 27  02:19:16
Maximum eclipse:        1996 Sept 27  02:54:21
End of totality:        1996 Sept 27  03:29:23
Moon leaved umbra:      1996 Sept 27  04:36:19
Moon leaved penumbra:   1996 Sept 27  05:36:21

Umbral magnitude: 1.245

Duration of total phase:  1h 10m 08s
Duration of umbral phase: 3h 23m 59s

All photographs and text on this page are © 1996 by Javor Kac.

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All photos on this page are © Javor Kac 1996.

Primary focus of 20-cm f/10 SCT, Fuji 800 and Kodak 100 films:

01:27 UT, 1/125 s

01:46 UT, 1/15 s

02:09 UT, 1 second

02:18 UT, 6 seconds

02:23 UT, 8 seconds

03:30 UT, 5 seconds

03:34 UT, 2 seconds

03:39 UT, 5 seconds