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Total Lunar eclipse

May 16, 2003

This was a difficult eclipse to observe. The Moon entered umbra at 4:02 local time at an altitude of 11 and was only 2 above the horizon at the start of the totality in broad daylight.
Nevertheless, MBK Team members located in all parts of Slovenia managed to observe and record the progress of the eclipse.

Partially eclipsed Moon hanging over the western horizon at 02:51 UT. Six second exposure with 58-mm f/4 lens and Kodak 400 film. Photo: Javor Kac.

Circumstances of the Eclipse

Moon enters penumbra: 2003 May 16  01:05:18
Moon enters umbra:    2003 May 16  02:02:43
Start of totality:    2003 May 16  03:13:42
Moonset:              2003 May 16  03:30:20

Umbral magnitude: 1.134

Duration of total phase: 0h 52m 42s

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All photos on this page are © MBK Team 2003.

Photos below were shot by Samo Smrke with 310-mm f/5.6 lens and 2x TC on Kodak 800 film:

02:15 UT

02:40 UT

Photos below were shot by Javor Kac with 200-mm f/4 lens and Kodak 400 film:

02:02 UT, 1/125 s @f/8

02:19 UT, 1/60 s @f/8

02:48 UT, 1/4 s

02:57 UT, 1/2 s

03:00 UT, 1/2 s

03:04 UT, 1/4 s

03:05 UT, 1/8 s